Kenyan singers Yvonne Darcq and Victoria Kimani unveil bilingual music video

yvonne darcq

Kenyan songstresses Yvonne Darcq and Victoria Kimani unveil a new music video for their latest bilingual collaboration.

Sang in French and English, “Ooh lala oui oui” is a song based on one of the many realities in today’s world of many men always trying to get away with being a player and fooling two or more girls, well not in this song. In this song, Yvonne Darcq and Victoria Kimani are two ladies in a relationship with a man, they clearly were not aware, and are almost blinded by this one man. But in the end he proves to be just the same as many other men. Yvonne & Victoria gather themselves together and give him a surprise.

Check out the new video below:

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