3 Innovative uses for baby powder

Baby powder

By Chantelle Bester

Some household items are truly multi-purpose – here are three uses for baby powder of which you may not have known.

  • On sweaty areas

I initially panicked when I learnt that, while undergoing laser hair removal on my underarms I need to avoid deodorant for 24 hours after each session. Luckily I remembered that a couple of dabs of baby powder helps keep sweaty areas dry.

  • On your roots

Baby powder also does a good job of absorbing excess oil on your roots – just make sure to brush it out well.

  • On your face

A very light dusting of baby powder – applied with a large powder brush – will absorb excess oil on your skin, which in turn eliminates shine. Use very small amounts – it’s surprisingly effective, but you wouldn’t want to look like a ghost!

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