#ConservationTales: Ol Jogi loses two rhinos to poaching, new calf born


As conservationists all around the world continue to sound the alarm at the current rhino death rate and as a massive surge in poaching threatens to undo more than a century of careful protection and management, Ol Jogi Conservancy, last week, lost two male southern white rhinos to poachers.

On Friday, March 13th, 2015, Baraka and Riziki, two sub-adult male white rhinos aged 3.5 and 2.8 years old respectively, were found dead in Ol Jogi Conservancy. It is suspected that the respective cause of deaths was by gunshot.

Ol Jogi, just like the rest of Kenya, is no stranger to poaching attacks. The insatiable demand for rhino horn has left Ol Jogi devastated by the loss of nine rhinos in 2014. The Ranch, situated in the wildlife-rich Laikipia region of Kenya, was established in 1980 and has not lost a rhino to poaching until four were killed in 2012/13. Since these incidents, the Conservancy has significantly increased its security measures and is working in close collaboration with KWS. In the past few months, Ol Jogi has managed to stop three additional poaching attempts.

Good news

In the same bloody week that demonstrated the brutality of humankind, Ol Jogi was also the site of some heartwarming news: A white rhino cow named Laikipia gave birth to a new calf!

This brings the total number of rhinos residing in Ol Jogi to 17 white rhinos and 46 black rhinos.

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