How to pack the perfect slimming lunch box

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When it comes to packing lunch, it often seems to be a drag. And, if we don’t end up packing something tantalizing, we end up buying a takeaway meal from the cafeteria – again!

Lunch can account for anything between 30 to 40 percent of the food we eat for the day. This means that it plays a huge role in our health and weight.

But no need to worry, we have designed an awesome infographic to help you pack the perfect lunch box for every day of the week.

We promise you that you will be eating healthier lunches once you start using this advice.

So here goes…

A slim lunch menu

Below is our “Menu“ infographic – a simple but powerful tool to combat the unhealthy lunch.

How it works is that you get to pick one food item from each group to compile your prefect lunch. This way you get all the benefits of a balanced lunch.

Perfect slimming lunch box Infographic

Let us look at some examples on how it will work.

Going through your fridge and cupboards in the evening, you might be able to put together any of these slimming lunches:

  • Monday’s lunch: Tuna mayo pasta topped with grapes and cucumber.
  • Tuesday’s lunch: Avo and egg whole wheat bun with a pear and carrot sticks on the side.
  • Wednesday’s lunch: Chicken salad topped with croutons, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  A banana as a snack.
  • Thursday’s lunch: Ham wrap with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and mayonnaise. Berries on the side.
  • Friday’s lunch: Well maybe this can be your treat day to buy a meal from the cafeteria.

Not too shabby hey. It really is that easy.

This is a flexible lunch menu, so add anything you have in the fridge that falls into that group. If you have watermelon in your fridge, add it to your fruit list. All you need to remember is that portion sizes are important. Pack those portions with caution but feel free to pick more than one vegetable, as done in Thursday’s lunch box, because you can never have too many vegetables.

Now that you know how it works, give it a try. Print this infographic out and stick it onto your fridge. Give it a go, using the print-out to guide you in packing your lunch boxes this this week, and see how much more enjoy your lunch break!

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