How to effectively use Garlic as an Antibiotic


Garlic in itself is a very good and natural antibiotic but for it to work, you will need to use it properly in order to reap maximum health benefits.

#Use raw Garlic

Cooking garlic will destroy the sulfur-containing compound known as Allicin which the most active ingredient in garlic. Allicin is diminished by heat but is increased when the garlic is crushed, chewed or chopped.

#Use fresh garlic

Garlic does take a long time to go bad, but if you want to reap the antibiotic benefits, then it will be proper to use fresh garlic bulbs. A fresh garlic bulb is one that has a green strip running in the middle of the cloves.

#Eat a generous amount of garlic

Here you either choose whether you want to get better or be concerned about garlic breath. If you really want to fight infections the natural way, you will be required to eat quite a number of cloves of garlic..2-3 cloves per day or even twice a day is ideal.

#Eat raw garlic and not garlic pills 

Some people prefer to take garlic pills so as to avoid garlic breath and the potent garlic taste, but that won’t help much. Garlic pills just like cooked garlic, have diminished Allicin making it unable to match the therapeutic potential of garlic in its natural state.

#Eat garlic on an empty stomach

To reap the maximum benefits from garlic, it is best to eat garlic first thing in the morning on an empty stomach even before you drink water.

#Probiotics are your friend

Because garlic may kill off your gut’s flora and deplete the good bacteria, it is important to eat or drink foods rich in probiotics as is the case when taking other antibiotics so as to get your gut balance.

#Embrace a healthy diet throughout the infection-fighting period

Since you cannot expect garlic to do all the work by itself, just like when taking other medication, you will need to eat a healthy balanced diet so that the garlic works effectively. If you eat fried and sugary unhealthy foods you will be making it difficult for garlic to do its job  and won’t be doing justice to your immune system either.

Tip: Chewing garlic has been proven to be as effective as taking penicillin in some cases.

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