6 fabulous things to do with that dusty, old fireplace!

Fireplace 8

We know how it gets sometimes. You move into a new apartment and everything is pretty amazing except for this raggedy fireplace that either: a) doesn’t look attractive whatsoever or b) doesn’t even work to begin with.

Instead of letting it collect dust and ruin your otherwise picture-perfect space, how about trying either one of these neat tricks?

Fireplace 6

Use it to showcase your books

The irony of adding something as flammable as paper to the fireplace is not lost on us. Trust us, it’s a great conversation-starter!

Fireplace 5

Paint it white and add a picture

Prop your favourite paintings or pictures against your faux fireplace to add some character to your room.

Fireplace 4

Fireplace within a fireplace

Inception, anyone? Here’s a great alternative if you’re looking to keep your tiles clean and manage your fireplace.

Fireplace 3

Add some funk using tiles

It’s not often your find prints framing your fireplace. Add an interesting mosaic pattern if you’re looking to give life to an old fireplace.

Fireplace 2

Fireplace 1

Burn some candles

If it lights up then it might as well be used in place of logs, right? Candles work great if you have a faux fireplace. Consider painting your fireplace black and adding white candles to create a striking feature.

Fireplace 7

Splash of colour

A dash of colour never hurt anyone! Painting your fireplace is a great way to spark life into a featured wall.

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