What makes a pregnant woman sexy?


Pregnant women are special and they should be treated and handled with tender, loving, care. They are not only  special but sexy as well. Read on to find out what Dayan Masinde thinks makes pregnant women sexy.

1. “Her body”

Her hips become wider, her butt grows bigger, her boobs become fuller, her belly is exciting, her navel is sensual; she is pleasant to look at – a full woman. Take pictures of sexy her, this pregnancy sexiness is only for a few months.

2. “She is warmer and softer”

Her body is warmer, her skin and body soft like a human cushion. Hug her, hold her; she loves that.

3. “She is moody”

Moody is often seen as a negative, but it has a sweet side. She is extra sensitive at this pregnancy time; that means if you kiss her, please her, touch her; all her hormones and emotions feel it, she is at the peak of her womanhood.

4. “She is needy”

Too many women are unlovable, they are self-reliant and this pushes the man and makes him irrelevant. But a pregnant woman loves to be pampered, she lets her man treat her like a Queen. Men love to be needed, they love to feel important, they love being the hero, it turns them on.

5. “Motherly care is romantic”


Her motherly insticts are in top gear, she is more touchy and touches her man with a motherly kind of gentleness which is so arousing. An affectionate mother, makes a passionate lover.

6. “She sits legs apart”

Men love the view of a woman who sits legs apart, it plants sexual thoughts in them. It turns a man on to see his wife sitting in such an inviting way, even though she is not hinting at sex but just being a pregnant woman.

7. “She wears loose clothes”

She often wears no bra, her loose maternity clothing hugs her curvy figure, she walks and the bum looks appealing; she is eye candy.

8. “She gets very horny”

Most women crave for sex when pregnant, she finds herself often highly aroused and wanting her hubby to go in or rub her. She will love to lay in bed legs open as her hubby becomes an acrobat finding safe angles to give her pleasure as he gets his pleasure.

9. “She is more attached”

Because she is carrying his baby, she gets more connected to him and surrenders herself fully to intimacy with him. She will do anything to please him.

10. “She glows”

A pregnant woman radiates a glow. Her skin, her body, her smile, her voice lights up because life is growing inside her. She is beautiful, desiring to love and be loved.

Man, when your woman is pregnant, celebrate her new form of sexiness, don’t chase after other women. She is pregnant and sexy; but most important, she is carrying your child- a child you sired when her sexy self gave you great sex!

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