#GirlAbout30 : The things you need to cherish in your 30s


spending time with parents
spending time with parents

Life. Is. Short. And  at  around 30 is when this realization will hit home like a ton of bricks on your poor head.

I remember when Princess Diana died; I was about 12 years old then and a little, ok a lot, raw and this conversation took place between my sister (who has 10 years on me) and I.

Sissy: *All wide eyed upon hearing the news that Princess Diana is no more* “Oh Dear! She has died so young!”
Raw me: *Looks at sister like she is loco* “Did you just say young? In which world is 36 young? HillsVille perhaps?”
Sissy: *Looks at me like I’m a stupid child, shakes her head and walks away looking sad and muttering something under her breath that sounded like… “So sad. So young”
Raw me: *Rolls eyes for days and becomes certain that adults are weird. And old!*

Let’s just say that now that I am 30, I think that to die at 36 is equivalent to die a toddler! Life is short but precious and I know seeing 36 will be major for me. I may even pop 36 bottles of champagne in celebration of my living to see those two precious digits associated with my life in this world.

Anyway, people die young and when it comes to death, even 50 is young. So there’s need to somehow “prepare” for our exit, which can only be achieved through enjoying life and cherishing every moment. And because for most, 30 is that age when so much begins to make sense (almost like you have finally landed on your own life’s manual) there’s so much to be cherished including:

A pressure-free life…

As human beings we bring on the pressures of life to ourselves and so it is up to us to get rid of those pressures. Try and forget about the societal pressures for a minute and live a life that you enjoy. Live each day at a time. Do what you love. Live life the way you want. Don’t work your butt off all the time. Sometimes just let your hair down. No one will remember those PowerPoint presentations when you’re gone anyway. Remember to breathe and keep breathing and then love and appreciate that pressure-free life you’ve created for yourself -which by the way, may add a few years to your life and do wonders for your mental health as well. Also, just laugh your knickers off whenever you can and leave the pressure to tyres.

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Time spent with family and especially your parents

These guys are life! Without them, there would be no you so, enjoy them. Enjoy having them around. See them as much as possible because just like you, they will exit this world but by the time that happens make sure there will be no chance for “Oh I wish I spent more time with them” kind of regrets. Don’t be too busy for them; make your people one of your priorities (that is after breathing of course).

Your close friends

What is life without friends anyways? A friend who you can actually proudly call “My friend” is everything! And those who have been in your life since childhood deserve to be elevated to family status already and for that reason, read the “time spent with family” all over again.


Your body, your mind, your health, your accomplishments (including being alive for more than 360 months- Biggest achievement yet) should be cherished. Always put yourself first and enjoy you! Enjoy your newly found wisdom and use it to make your life even better. Believe me, it is the perfect time.

The chances presented to you

Since you have only one shot at living life, do everything like you are doing it for the first time. When you get the chance to travel, by all means start packing once you get home even if you will be traveling a month later. If you get the chance to bungee jump, do it. If you get the chance to re-decorate your house or upgrade your car or your wardrobe…there will be no other perfect time so go for it. Dance, goof around, be super silly and take photos while at it.


Your time!

The greatest gift you can ever give anyone-because that’s the only thing that can never be repaid- is your time. “Your time”  is the perfect gift to give yourself as well. Spend your 30s well. Do constructive things and think constructive thoughts. Sleep. Get books and find time to read them. Dress up and take yourself out to dinner at some swanky restaurant.  Travel. See the world, because what the hell is this life about if you can’t enjoy the little pleasures? You can never get back the time lost and you will never get your 30s back so have a blast! Do the time you have justice.



Your “Singleness”

If you are happily taken, that’s alright. But do you actually realize that we spend the least amount of time in our lives being single? All our life, if we’re not woman-eating-popcorn-by-firyoung and living under the care of our parents, we’re busy being somebody’s wife or mother and this latter situation of you being “somebody’s somebody” is forever. Now, isn’t that reason enough to enjoy the brief “single life” you finally have? For once you have YOU all to yourself and you can do whatever it is you want to do.

Also, don’t worry about your Prince Charming, he will find you once he’s done getting lost in the woods- Perhaps he found himself in a gigantic maze. Your life matters the most, so choose wisely who you want in it. Choose well and when that time comes, do not make the mistake of marrying an onion  as onions are supposed to partner up with fellow onions.

Your fabulous 30s!

No, don’t even dare think for a second that 30 is old like I did when I was 12 and foolish.70, 80, 90… is old! 30 is wise and also sexy. Enjoy every single second, of every single minute, of every single hour you have for this sexy age.

You are NOT too old to do some things. Of course, you are too old to own teddy bears but if you still love those cuddly waddly fuzzy creations…Let’s just say that whoever decided to judge you should explain to God why they are trying to steal his job.


Remember when you felt the pressure because you were the only one in your clique who had never kissed a boy by 15? Well, that was not pressure at all. When you grow older, pressure takes the focus of “Will I get to live a long and happy life and get to see my children’s children and their children?”

Life is short and should therefore be cherished, you have absolutely no reason to go to bed sad or unhappy on any day because of something that can be fixed. If you don’t enjoy your life in your 30s just know that there will be regrets later and you will never get the chance for a do over.

I have this formula that helps me get through the “tougher “days that I am going to share with you. And no, it has nothing to do with going to the store and buying a ksh725 bottle of wine and then downing it like your life depends on it. On these said tougher days, I always have to convince myself that there’s someone else somewhere having a shittier day than I am. I also have to persuade myself that there’s a lesson to be learnt from that horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. This formula follows 3 very easy steps. Ready? Let’s go:

Step 1: Breathe
Step 2: Smile
Step 3: Repeat

Just follow these 3 steps accurately and Bob’s your uncle!

But then again there are those times you just want to have a good cry. I say go for it. CRY yourself a river! Once you’ve done those tear glands justice, check yourself out in the mirror and follow those 3 steps and just like before, Robert will be your mother’s brother. I promise  😉 .

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