10 Weird counter intuitive health tips that really work



You have heard that if you want to get somewhere faster, running will help you achieve that result… Right? And that washing your body everyday will guarantee you better hygiene…Right? And that if you are deficient in Potassium, then bananas should be your friend…right again? Well, here are some weird habits that are counter intuitive but actually work like a charm.

#1 .Enhance brainpower by handwriting your notes

You are more likely to remember your notes when you write them down manually. Since you are looking at what you are writing, you are automatically reviewing what you have written hence reinforcing the data you’ve just processed.


#2. Don’t brush your teeth after you eat to maintain healthy teeth

Brushing your teeth immediately after eating acidic foods -including sports drinks, soda, tomatoes- is a no-no! This is because doing so will make you speed up the effects of the acid which will damage the layer of your teeth.

#3. Spend less time with each other to improve your relationship


Spending some time alone


It is a known fact that if you spend some time alone, you will be more in tune with yourself and so you will be able to give and even receive better. Research has also shown that spending some time by yourself, can help reduce stress and anxiety which are known to put strain on relationships.

#4. If you want to lose weight, avoid diet soda!

Drinking diet soda has some unwanted effects to your body, like increasing the size of your waistline! This is because all those “Light, Low sugar, Low fat” could just actually mean… more sugar to your bloodstream making you gain weight really.

#5 Consume water when you feel bloated

Your body will always need water to work properly and to digest food hence when bloated, drink water. This can also work to relieve bloating due to hydration because during this time, your body clings to the little water in your body which in turn bloats you further…what better way to relieve that awful feeling than drinking lots of water.

#6 For a good nap…drink coffee!

When you nap immediately after sipping on some coffee you will reap some benefits in terms of being more alert! This is because,  your nap will actually end just in time when the caffeine kicks in hence you will be even more alert when you wake up from your 20 minutes nap. Napping after drinking coffee helps you get rid of some molecules which will then amplify the effects of your nap.

#7 Want to cool off faster?…Drink something hot!

Your body will increase its production of sweat when you drink a hot beverage and when the sweat evaporates (since it is hot anyway) you will feel cooler.

woman drinking tea1

#8 Increase muscle weight to wear something smaller

When you work towards bulking up your muscles through working out, it means you are actually losing fat therefore; you can get away with wearing something smaller effortlessly without looking like you are forcing your body inside it. Your lean body with muscles will help keep the muffin top at bay, so reduce high calorie foods and eat more lean protein to enjoy wearing smaller sizes.

#9 Workout when you’re feeling tired

Surprisingly, working out when tired can help you feel energized and become more efficient because then you are using up more oxygen which will have an impact on your overall well being including your mental health.

#10 Avoid energy drinks especially when tired

Caffeine contained in energy drinks is 5 times more than that in coffee hence you will get a rapid high which will not last long and when it wears off you will feel even more tired than before. Besides that, you will be risking your health as you may experience a rapid heartbeat, irritability and nervousness from your energy drink induced high.






Maureen Ojunga is the newest Health enthusiast in town. She is also a gadget freak and a lover of all things WINE! Besides being a lover of life, she enjoys writing Relationships and Sex pieces and is also an Interior design junkie.

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