Is Vanessa Mdee heading to the top of the Billboard Dance Chart?

vanessa mdee

Vanessa Mdee, award-winning Tanzania Afro Pop and Bongo Flava musician is about to cross over to a global audience, with her “Come Over” remix to be debuted at the largest electronic music event in the world, Winter Music Conference 2015 in Miami.

Remixed by Italian producer Trufo, “Come Over” signed to Kult Records, will be a part of his Space Deep Mix, and the pre-lease dropped on Beatport, on Saturday.

KULT Records, with multiple number 1’s on the Billboard Dance Chart, is a well respected and internationally known underground independent record label specialized in House Music based in NYC, USA. With Kult backing “Come Over,” Vanessa Mdee may just be heading to the top of the Billboard Dance Chart.

Listen to “Come Over” Remix below:

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