4 reasons why you’re exercising but not losing weight

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By Debbie Harrower

For a long time, I could not understand how on earth I could be doing so many ab exercises but not have a flat tummy.  I was crunching like a crazy person and yet I still had (still do) what I call a jelly pie tummy.

Now that I am in my 30s I try to eat healthier. But,  most days, I don’t succeed. Bread is my biggest downfall. As is chocolate, chips, KFC and Nando’s. I love all those greasy, sweet bad boys!

But, just like with other matters of the heart – bad boys are not good for you. Not in any way.

I keep telling myself that one healthy meal here and there is not going help me lose my jelly pie. Just the same as one junk food treat here and there won’t make a person fat.

Consistency is key. Dedication and will power – VITAL!

I bought Herbal Life last week (the shake). I had my doubts but I was willing to try, especially considering it’s a natural product.

So far, I am loving it and it definitely helps me feel fuller for longer. My eating is still not perfect, but I am at least not stuffing my face with something every hour, and my junk food intake has improved.

Read on to find out why you could be exercising but not losing as much weight as you’d anticipated….

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Starving yourself? Big mistake!

Drastic measures are not the way to go. If you are working out, you have to refuel your body. A car can’t run on empty and nor can you!  

If you are not eating enough during the day, this will slow down your metabolism.

Make sure you have a good breakfast and pack healthy snacks (nuts, fruit, biltong) on which to munch if you get hungry before lunch.

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Not drinking enough water? 

When your body is dehydrated it cannot burn fat. Keep a big bottle of water on your desk.

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Not cutting down on sugar and alcohol? 

The occasional glass of wine or cocktail is fine.

Too many? Well, too many drinks is only going to reduce your fat-burning capability. Alcohol is LOADED with calories.

Sugars and refined carbs have the unique ability to stop weight loss in its tracks.

Good news for the women with a sweet tooth (like me). I recently tried the Canderel range of chocolates and they are divine! Definitely a great alternative.

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Not incorporating weight training into your exercise programme? 

Are you one of those women who are terrified that, if they do weights, they are going to get bugling biceps / start looking like a man?


Women do not produce enough testosterone to bulk up. Weight training actually tones a woman’s body so nicely, like this….

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Not like this….. 

This woman is a professional body builder. They often take steriods and all sorts of other things to bulk up. Incorporating light to medium weights in your exercise programme is not going to give you results like you see here. Not in a million years.

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