How to let colour be your creative guide

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Colour and creativity are intimately linked: even beyond using colour as a way to express yourself. Colour can be a magical signpost that guides you on your way to creativity and wellbeing.

Says Lien Potgieter, colour teacher and therapist from Johannesburg, “Many people feel that they are not creative, or they don’t know where to start when they want to start a new creative endeavour. Remember that creativity takes many forms. Whether you cook, bake, dance, paint or dream up new ideas, you are being creative. These physical and mental activities have various health benefits, including the release of stress and tension.

“It helps you to focus and, in fact, serve as meditation in action. What you will find, is that in the process of using your hands or whole body in a creative endeavour, you will also be letting go of stuck or unwanted feelings and thoughts. The healing and cleansing of the body, heart, mind and soul will happen even if you are not consciously aware of it. Colour and the meanings of these colours can be a great way to unmask these hidden thoughts and feelings.”

If you are in the dark about choosing a hobby or activity that would suit your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, don’t fret. Deciding on a new adventure is as easy as becoming aware of the colour that catches your eye!

Deciding on a new adventure is as easy as becoming aware of the colour that catches your eye!

The colour to which you are attracted at a specific point in your life is a good indication of the growth phase that you about to enter. And the hobby that you choose at this particular time will serve as a healing method on all levels.

Here’s how you do it:

Take a minute and think about the colour that has recently caught your attention. It is that one colour that absolutely stands out from the colour crowd even if you have never taken notice of it before. When you know what this colour is (it doesn’t have to be your favourite colour) pick it from the list below and discover what new and rewarding experience your soul is craving.

Red: Get rid of excess energy in a constructive manner

Be active, very active! Take up an adventure sport like rock climbing or scuba diving. Join the kids rollerblading on the beachfront or at the ice-skating rink. Ballroom dancing and belly dancing will get you in touch with your inner goddess, and make you look and feel sexy.

Orange: Express yourself creatively

When you make or create something it helps to improve self-worth issues. Take up pottery, art or mosaic classes, flower arranging or cake decorating. Make your own jewellery or candles. Admire your handiwork and feel how it lifts your spirits.

Yellow: Exercise and stimulate your brain

Learn a new language. Sign up for a writing course. Read a Shakespeare novel. Acquiring knowledge will give your self-confidence a boost. When you are well-read and informed it will also assist in dispelling irrational fears.

Green: Bring balance and harmony into your life

Grow a herb or vegetable garden, or just beautify your home with a lovely lush oasis. Spending time in nature will connect you to your heart’s desires.

Blue: Use your voice

Join a book club where you can discuss your favourite books with like-minded people. Take a toastmasters course. Go for singing lessons, or join your local church or temple choir. Don’t be shy to join the chanting in your yoga class. Build trust in your own voice and opinions.

Indigo: Do introspection

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Learn how to meditate to find stillness and tap into your subtle senses. Explore tools like astrology or colours, and do personality tests online. When you know and trust yourself you live according to your personal beliefs.

Violet: Do something for the greater good

Help out at the soup kitchen of your church or community centre. Volunteer at an animal shelter, children’s home or old age home. Being in service for the good of all brings body, mind and spirit together.

Pink: Love yourself

Choose something that absolutely makes your heart sing and just do it! It can be as simple as having a long hot bath, going for a walk in the park, eating your favourite chocolate, or pampering yourself with a massage, manicure or pedicure.

Come alive with colour and co-create your own reality. Your soul will thank you for answering its call.

About Lien Potgieter

Lien Potgieter is a writer, and colour teacher and therapist based in Johannesburg. Lien studied language practice, colour therapy, metaphysics, transpersonal psychology and Reiki. She offers online colour readings (an assessment of your physical, emotional and mental health), and an online Speak Colour in Just 7 days course. Lien also assists people to restore harmony to their homes with colour. Visit her colourful website at

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