Take in fewer calories with these beverages


By Shenrina Badri

Tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks or even juices can all be loaded with high amounts of calories – not good, if you are trying to shed some kilograms!

Warm drinks

Warm drinks such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc are very often enjoyed by most people with a few teaspoons of sugar and some full-cream milk – or in the case of coffee and cappuccinos, cream and marshmallows in a large mug of hot chocolate!

If you are on a weight loss programme, there are ways in which you can reduce this calorie intake when enjoying these beverages. Try having a teaspoon less of sugar in your tea for example, or switch to low-fat milk when having tea or coffee. There is even the option of fat-free milk, but you may find that it may take a few days to adjust to the taste difference especially if you have been enjoying full-cream milk for many years! You could also try skipping the marshmallows in your hot chocolate but treat yourself to them only every now and then!


Try to avoid purchasing juices that have sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives in it. Rather opt for the 100% pure fruit juice alternatives but remember to still watch your portion size, and always dilute the juice!

Alcoholic drinks

Consume alcoholic drinks in moderation and try topping some of them with extra ice – this will increase your water intake and the best part is that water, unlike alcohol, has no calories.

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