#HonestJoe: 4 Men respond to 7 beauty trends!

Honest Joe Part 2 - Beauty Edition Cover

Remember that time we created an article called #HonestJoe where we asked three men to share their thoughts on certain trends? Well we thought it was about time we made that idea a real thing, maybe even a monthly series, and we’re jumping into it right now.

Be prepared for some real stuff.

P.S.: To protect the identities of these Honest Joes, we created an alias for each of them.

P.P.S: The views shared here do not reflect those of Capital Lifestyle or my own for that matter. We’re all for bright eyelids and smokey eyes and whatever else you’re into at the moment. Do you boo.

Honest Joe Part 2 - Fake Nails

Denzel look-alike: I can’t stand fake nails, I hate everything fake.

The Pastor: I don’t like them. Not because they’re fake nails but because they’re fake. You’re created an original, don’t live like a photocopy.

The Crazy One: Why?

Mr. Casanova: Haaa. If it’s done well, it could work.

Honest Joe Part 2 - Coloured Armpit Hair

Denzel look-alike: Oh hell no. That’s gross as hell. Jesus. Why would you do that? Is that actually a trend??

The Pastor: First of all, chicks should shave their armpit hair. Now adding colour to something that shouldn’t be there makes it even more ugly.

The Crazy One: What the ****? NO. NO. NO!

Mr. Casanova: HELL NAW!

Honest Joe Part 2 - Thick Eye Brows

Denzel look-alike: I think of Albie Shaw. I don’t have a problem with them per se, they’re just one of those things…

The Pastor: Allowed for only those people who don’t have eyebrows. Just as long as you don’t colour them in. We don’t want a Nike logo as your eyebrows. 

The Crazy One: That’s ok. But please, we don’t want a mustache on your face.

Mr. Casanova: That’s sexy.

Honest Joe Part 2 - Smokey Eye

Denzel look-alike: I think a lot of women overdo it. But in general I’m a big fan.

The Pastor: Is that mascara? What is it??

 The Crazy One: It depends. If you’re dark, don’t put it on.

Mr. Casanova: It’s overdone. Everyone nowadays has smokey eyes or fake eyelashes.

Honest Joe Part 2 - Fake Lashes

Denzel look-alike: Sometimes I can’t even tell the difference but then of course there’s the bad ones you can see. Ladies, slow down.

The Pastor: Unless you want to air your eyes, you don’t need those.

The Crazy One: No thanks.

 Mr. Casanova: You see! I hate them. WHAT?

Honest Joe Part 2 - Dark Lipstick

Denzel look-alike: Sh*t. I think you need to have the right skin tone. It’s not for everyone.

The Pastor: Umm. Well it’s not bad but it depends on your skin tone.

 The Crazy One: Noooo. Are you a smoker?

Mr. Casanova: It’s not bad. It’s sensual.

Honest Joe Part 2 - Popping Eyeshadow

Denzel look-alike: No. It looks clown-like.

The Pastor: You’re attracting attention to the wrong place. It should be subtle and compliment your eyes.

The Crazy One: *shakes head* that’s a painting. Are we at an exhibition?

Mr. Casanova: No. NO. Just plain NO.

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