The best home healers found in your kitchen


By Lyndy Mansfield

  • A teaspoon of ground, or two teaspoons of finely chopped, ginger will ease your aching joints. The best method is to add it to your meals every day. Ginger contains very potent compounds called gingerols which prevent the production of those hormones that create pain. Eastern countries are really switched on to this and have been for centuries
  • Apple cider vinegar. Funny how when you have heartburn you automatically think “acidity” and you wouldn’t head for apple cider vinegar. However, it is wonderful because the rich malic and tartaric acids of apple cider vinegar are significant digestive aids that break down those horrible fats and proteins that creep up into your oesophagus.
  • For someone battling with earache, head for the garlic oil or make your own with crushed cloves and some virgin olive oil. Warm it to a gentle heat and apply to the affected ear. Magic!
  • Who would have thought that grapes increase the blood flow to backs that are damaged. Have a cupful of grapes every day and be amazed at how the blood vessels will send in healing nutrients and oxygen.
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