#GirlAbout30 : Your 30s should offer you the best decade of your life!

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“Life begins at 30.” Puh! I care not for that saying. Strange of me seeing as I am 30 right? The thing is though, I know whoever is credited for that saying was a 30-something year old trying to make him/herself  feel better about life and less panicky about aging. While I don’t think life begins at 30 -because obviously life begins at conception-I do believe that your life starts to make so much sense at 30.

Your 29 gave you the opportunity to sit back and seriously think about every aspect of your life, so at 30 everything seems to flow somehow. Your health, finances, appearance, attitude towards life, relationships…everything! This is when so much makes sense to you. You get to see very vividly that only you had the capacity to choose your response to fixing an issue. You get to put your finger on why your finances are suffering or flourishing. You get to know for sure if you want kids, or not. You are much wiser, confident, calmer, keener and stronger. You have your eyes, ears, mind and heart kept wide alert and everything just flows.

So at least you will hear me out when I say that your 30s should offer you the best decade of your life!

No book teaches a girl the reality about dating.. No parents warnings or parents advice give one tips.. It is a road a girl takes on her own… You are only gifted in this knowledge by experience brutal experience ~Mariah Sudi

By 30:

#You know how to fall in love with someone else and still be yourself because you truly love yourself first and not in a vain kind of way. You know the boundaries you should maintain when it comes to money or men (because it is very easy to fall madly in love with both). And also be single and enjoy it.

#You understand that you attract who you deserve and if at all you do not like the people you are getting then it is up to you to change yourself and if you cannot change yourself then it’s about time you got a reality check!

#You can sell yourself with your mouth because you have this confidence. Even a written CV becomes irrelevant at this point.black-woman-dancing1

#You know who to trust and who not to give a Shiny Shoe about.

#You know that health is everything and that drinking excessively, smoking, drugs, junk food, not exercising, not wearing sunscreen  and not flossing your teeth will soon show you their ugly side.

#You are quite aware of how life goes so you know when to try harder and when to walk away. When to confront and when to ignore. Also, how to sleep off a bad day and make sure it does not extend to the next day!

#You know better than to put your boyfriend’s face as your profile picture in any of the social media platforms. When you look at it, it is actually lame no?

#You know quality rules over quantity anytime and that handbag, that luggage, that coat, that watch… heck! even that umbrella are things you would be proud to be associated with and are things you will comfortably and proudly whip out in public. It is ok to treat yourself to some quality stuff.

#You know the perks and the lessons that come with living alone and you appreciate them. You get to learn so much through this stage and also get to know for sure whether you enjoy it or not.

#You know that being an original is the only way to go about your life because at this point you realize that there’s one “you” and there can only ever be one “you” so you have to do yourself justice by keeping it 100% “you”.

#You know that paying attention to detail is part of life. So that if you ever lost your sight suddenly (god forbid) you will be able to remember so many things vividly. (I learnt this from a movie I saw recently where a rather healthy, normal boy lost his sight after an infection).

#You know that your future shouldn’t be based on fear. Were you afraid of becoming a mom or somebody’s wife? Of marrying the wrong man? Of wasting a part of your life with a typical man who will just cheat like you see his married friends doing? Or become miserable like some of your friends who’ve been there, done that? Worrying about the future solves nothing. You now know that:

*There is no perfect time to have a baby as your career will always get a disruption anyway.

*There is no best way to choose a partner. Change is there and it is not going anywhere. Therefore you are going to change and your man is going to change. You can only control very little and so there is no time trying to control what you have no control over.

#You know what is deservedly yours and what is not.

#You know that every experience, good or bad, is to be learned from. You also know, love and appreciate life the way it is because you are now a grown woman!

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