What you are risking by forfeiting sleep!


If there’s something you should take very seriously in this life is SLEEP! You do not want to joke with Melatonin and Serotonin matters. Those 7-8 hours on a weekday are absolutely mandatory failure to which the entire rest-of-your-life may just be spent in and out of hospital!

It has been known for a while back that lack of sleep can cause you harm in that not only do you suffer from concentration issues but your overall health takes a beating.

Below are some of the consequences brought about by sleep deprivation:


“Healthy females who sleep for less than 5 hours are likely to consume approximately 329 more calories the next day!”  This is according to a study conducted by the Dietetic and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Look at it this way, you are likely to get hungry often, or think about food than someone who spends more time sleeping Yup! Lack of sleep affects your appetite and even digestion. Therefore it could be true that sleeping for longer hours could help you maintain a healthy weight.

Risk of diabetes

By not sleeping enough, you could risk developing type 2 diabetes. This is because due to lack of sleep, your body’s sensitivity to insulin may decrease and your body will not be able to regulate blood sugar levels efficiently.

Heart disease and hypertension

Lack of sleep in people with hypertension can cause elevated blood pressure the next day. A study also proves that women who sleep for less than 6 hours and more than 9 hours are likely to suffer from coronary heart disease. Since you are not sleeping enough, you have more hours to face frustrations and agitations and stresses brought about by day to day life processes.

Mood disorders

When you have not slept enough, you tend to get moody and irritable.  So you can imagine how much worse things can get if you have chronic sleep deficiency…you could end up going bonkers! Sleep gives you the much needed time for your brain to take a break.

Low immunity

Sleeping works hand in hand with your immune system such that it can actually help you get well quickly. For instance, if you are unwell but able to sleep, you are likely to get better sooner than that patient with insomnia.

Aging skin

The right amount of sleep could do wonders for your skin. There is proof that there is a relationship between your skin function, aging and sleep quality so you better watch out and sleep more if you want to look “forever young”. Sleep could actually be the youthful skin elixir.

Life expectancy

Insufficient sleep (sleeping for 5 hours or less) can actually increase mortality by 15%. This is according to data from several sleep case studies.

So, if you’re a workaholic, insomniac, a night-runner or one of those people who think that 7 hours of sleep a night is overrated  then watch out for you could be dealing with something much worse than just sore eyes, grumpiness and eye bags in the near future.Get sleeping or get help!

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