10 Answers to embarrassing questions about condoms


Let’s talk about condoms

They can effectively act as a barrier to prevent contact with the sexual fluids of a sexual partner, but are you using condoms correctly?

Here are answers to question about condoms you might be too embarrassed to ask your doctor…

1. What may cause a condom to burst during sex?

Condom bursting may be due to:

  • Friction caused by lack of foreplay
  • Failure to squeeze the air out of the tip when putting the condom on to create space for the semen
  • Using the wrong lubrication i.e. Vaseline or other oil-based products which weakens the rubber

2. Why do some people develop irritations when they use condoms?

Some people are allergic to rubber/ latex from which condoms are made. However, in circumstances where irritation continues seek medical attention or access condoms which are made of other materials such as polyurethane (plastic).

3. What should you do if a condom remains in your vagina after sex?

You can avoid this situation by ensuring that the man withdraws immediately after ejaculating, before the penis becomes flaccid. However, if it does happen, don’t panic. Squat with your knees wide apart, insert two fingers inside your vagina and pull out the condom.


4. Do two condoms used together provide double protection?

No. One condom, if used correctly, is enough to provide you with adequate protection.

5. Does using both a male and a female condom at the same time provide more protection?

No. A couple can decide to use either a male or a female condom but not both at the same time. The friction between the two rubber surfaces can lead to damage.

6. Can a condom be ineffective before its expiry date?

Condoms will lose their measured effectiveness three years from the stipulated date of manufacture. However, depending on how it is handled/ stored, a condom can lose its effectiveness before the expiry date if stored in a hot or damp place or exposed to direct sunlight. Make sure you don’t keep condoms in your wallet.


7.  Can a condom fit small and big penis sizes?

Yes. A condom has the capacity to expand and fit all sizes for adult sexually active persons. Men with large penises might find larger condoms more comfortable.

8. Is it true that some people get infected with STIs in spite of using condoms consistently?

Using a condom correctly and consistently protects from most sexually transmitted infections (STI). It is possible to be infected during other sex acts such as oral sex. You can also be infected with some STIs through contact with infected blood.

9. Why do some condoms have bad smells?

The bad smell may be due to chemical compounds which were not washed out during the production process, some condoms have a rubber related smell unless they are scented.

10. Do condoms make sex less pleasurable?

No. In fact many people report feeling freer and more relaxed during sex because they aren’t worrying about infection. There is also the added benefit of prolonged erection for many men. Used properly and consistently, condoms can actually increase sexual pleasure.

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