#TheChopUp: How to make coconut rice with raisins

The Chop Up

In this weeks episode of #TheChopUp Miss Mandi made coconut rice with raisins.

Rice is a staple dish that many often have in their house although sometimes, it can get a little boring. There are several ways to spice up your rice from adding turmeric powder, making rice balls to even adding a little bit of cumin seeds to the mix. Trust us, there is a lot one can do with rice!
This week, Miss Mandi added coconut milk for some flavour and raisins to get that extra sweetness to her dish. She served the rice with cabbage and plantain (watch video here) where the flavors blended together perfectly to create a scrumptious yet easily attainable meal.
Miss Mandi recommends serving the rice with different stews, cabbage, beef or fish but feel free to experiment with other sides. It’s great for the palate!

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