#SusanEats Review: Tiramisu, the Italian café that “picks you up”

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With the number of cafes growing every day in Nairobi, especially with expansion plans from various coffee chains, it’s easy to forget about the quaint and boutique coffee houses.  I recently visited a charismatic and quaint alternative to the usual coffee chain brands, and was quite enchanted by this Italian-inspired bakery and coffee house.

Tiramisu is a café and bakery come lunch hotspot nestled in the fringes of the Village Market food court in Nairobi, Kenya. Its menu splashes around in Italian influences and is the expression of the owner’s love affair with the bel paese (beautiful country).

Classic tarts, Italian sweet treats, pastries and sandwiches made from bread baked fresh daily set against a bustling food court backdrop (there’s not much I can say about the ambiance except that it’s a great place to people-watch); makes Tiramisu a good off-the-beaten-path alternative to Nairobi’s mainstream coffee chains.

Tiramisu is located in Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya.To book, click here. Special thanks to Eat Out Kenya.

Tiramisu appeals to customers who don’t necessarily like to hang out in bars with their friends and would rather catch-up over freshly brewed Kenyan coffee or an almost sinful cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. Savoury items, including soups, and sandwiches (KSh 500-600) such as the Vegetarian with Pesto, Sundried Tomatoes and Spiced Olives keeps lunch goers happy. I would stay away from the Chicken Pie though as it was dry and heavy on the black pepper – a combination that left my tongue scratching in need of water.

Desserts on the other hand were delicately decorated and well-balanced in sweetness. The Sacher Torte, a chocolate cake said to be invented in Vienna by Chef Franz Sacher in 1832, arrived thinly coated by hand with dark chocolate and filled with a delicious apricot jam. The Sicilian favourite ricotta-filled Cannoli was the perfect companion to my espresso. The tube-shaped shells were thin and remained crisp despite the moist filling – a testament to how fresh it was.

My personal favourite was the Hot Chocolate, which caught my attention even metres away: aromatic from the delicately pressed rich milk with a touch of vanilla and the deep rich flavours of churned dark chocolate, which was visually elevated by soft peaks of fluffy whipped cream and a final drizzle of chocolate sauce.

My quick afternoon stop at Tiramisu, which aptly means in Italian “pick me up,” was exactly that – an hour that lifted my spirits. Tiramisu will provide you with luscious indulgences to reward you for a great day’s work or spare you a moment of relaxation whilst on a shopping run. Meanwhile, the Hot Chocolate is still on my mind.

tiramisu in nairobi photographed by susan wong 1

tiramisu in nairobi photographed by susan wong 3

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