30 Revelations of a girl about 30…


Times change. Life changes. Everything changes but most importantly you change! Whether you like it or not, as time flies by your attitude towards everything also changes. You yearn to be better, to do better, to live better all for your own good. You focus on what matters and let go of what doesn’t. This is what I’ve realized in my own 30!

I can totally do without:


Lazy, grown men who shamelessly ask women for money.

People who just want to hangout and binge drink and suck the energy out of you.


It has become normal for me to:

Pass by the store on a Friday evening,  pick up a bottle of red wine and head straight home feeling nothing for derailment.

Give people I care about random lectures about the many benefits of drinking water.

Hand write letters to my future self.

Constantly wonder whether I am wasting the best years of my life.

Plop myself on the sofa after a long day and just shut my eyes and dream…without necessarily sleeping.

I would rather:

Sacrifice that large pizza for a book and nourish my mind instead. PS: Books contain the best and juiciest secrets.

Buy fresh flowers instead of a tub of ice cream which may or may not give me brain freeze.

Do my own manicure and pedicure and save up some money for fuel instead.

Work on refurbishing my apartment instead of upgrading my car because I realize that the car not only does the job it’s supposed to do but I spend the least amount of time of any given day inside it as compared to the time spent in the house on that couch or  on that bed.

Save up and work towards my life’s biggest dream (travel and see the world) rather than splurge and get stuck with 100 pairs of shoes half of which I have not worn in over a year.

Be bored out of my skull but sober on a Sunday than hangover and sick.

I have zero time for:

People who call you in the middle of the night drunk asking if they can come see you or if you can meet them wherever they are at in the dead of the night. Sigh!

Men who are always in a bar somewhere such that they are once in a while considered in the bar’s stock taking.

Men who are of the idea that the perfect first date is chilling at his place, or yours or in some crowded bar with his boys.

Men who want to see you, but at your place. Cook for you…at your place! Hang out…at your place!

I realize that:

The best gift you can ever give anyone is your TIME.

There’s a time for everything. Time to work. Time to play. Time to sit back and reflect… Balance is very important.

When you wish someone well, support them and empower them, the universe smiles at you.

I can now smell a brother who belongs in the friend zone from a mile away.

News of a person’s death shakes me up more than it did before.

Social media and especially Instagram are a vanity affair whether you choose to see it or not.

Smack talkers are insecure people and yes! If you talk smack about people you are also insecure and that person you’re talking smack about has something you wish you had.

I know that:

Family is everything.

It is mandatory to look good for you.

You are allowed to have some really bad days.

There are very many unhappy people out here. Many who are just getting by. Many who are stuck in a moment and can’t get themselves out of it.

I  wish:

I knew then what I know now but it is ok because that is part of the change that I have to go through in my growth process and that this is where I was meant to be in my own 30!


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