6 Signs your man does not like the way you dress


Sometimes it can be very difficult for your man to be honest with you for fear you may take things the wrong way. I mean nobody likes to be criticized no? Let’s take for instance a touchy subject like your dressing style. If your man or anyone else told you that you dress whack there might just be a World War III. Since you are also aware that it is completely hard to even broach the “your dressing style is kind of wanting” subject (however kindly), the wise thing to do would be to play your part and perhaps look out for hints thrown your way by your person.

Do you suspect that your man doesn’t like your dressing style, here are some 6 hints that he may throw your way that will help you know for sure..

1. Does he constantly taunt you about your dressing style?

“Hun, are you turning into a goth?” “You didn’t tell me we will be passing by the circus…” “You are dressed like a boy.” If your man always comments about your dressing and not in a positive way, he could be telling you that he doesn’t like your style.

 2. He often compliments other girls and not you!

If your man is always comparing you with other girls, he might be trying to pass on a message. If he compliments some random girl’s dressing style and not yours, he may be trying hard to tell you something and may just not be happy with your dressing.

3. He volunteers to help you shop for clothes

Men HATE tagging along with their girlfriends to shop for clothes and shoes. They would rather dig a dam in their backyard. But if your man volunteers to accompany you on your clothes shopping spree and perhaps even volunteer to pay for it, then please take the hint for it could be a sign that he just wants you to get your wardrobe right. He probably just wants you to buy clothes that he likes and he wants to be there to help you pick them. Also, if he constantly gives you clothes as gifts…that’s a major hint that he doesn’t like the way you dress.

4. He feels embarrassed when with you in public

If your man rarely takes you out or always looks uncomfortable when he’s out with you in a public space, that could be a clear sign that he just doesn’t like the way you dress.

 5. He encourages you to change your wardrobe

If he has asked you politely to wear something classy and sexy before stepping out, he might be hinting at a change of wardrobe for your own good.   That is his indirect way of telling you that you perhaps dress trashy, shabby or boring.

6. He complains about your dressing sense

If your man keeps complaining about your dressing style, has once or twice pleaded with you to change your outfit before leaving the house, has told you that your dress makes you look washed out and a little weird, then this is a sign that he just is not impressed with the way you dress.

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