Difference between a Pervert and a Serious man


1. A pervert thinks with his penis. A serious man thinks with his mind and heart.

2. A pervert is a player ever lusting after women. A serious man is a lover, faithful to one woman.

3. A pervert looks at a woman and sees sex. A serious man looks at a woman and sees a Queen.

4. A pervert is irrational and wants to act on the heat of the moment. A serious man is patient and disciplined, his interest is long term.

5. A pervert fills his phone with porn. A serious man fills his phone with the images and videos of that special woman.

6. A pervert joins other perverts in liking and commenting on nude pics of women. A serious man joins other serious men in liking and commenting on pics of women doing great things and who project honorable beauty.

7. A pervert uses the words “I love you” cheaply as his lust speaks with horny excitement, even saying I love you to women he doesn’t know. A serious man is careful with those three words, he speaks them with understanding and exclusively to that one woman he knows.3ak9adzi

8. A pervert uses much of his time on the internet searching porn to feed his horny urge. A serious man uses his time on the internet to know more, to connect, to feed his mind and intellect.

9. A pervert can easily turn into a rapist because he has no control of his urge, he wants sex now. A serious man protects the woman.

10. A pervert runs to the inbox and chats of women to talk dirty causing the women to feel annoyed and disrespected. A serious man approaches a woman’s inbox and chat like a gentleman, sexual talk has its place only when it’s mutual and she and him have grown to know each other deeper.

11. A pervert insults the woman and attacks her when she turns down his childish advances. A serious man respects the woman’s decision if she and him cannot become lovers, he changes tact, pulls away or maturely remains just friends with her.

12. A pervert is difficult to work with in the same office because he is the type to sexually harass, to grab a female colleague’s ass or make her uncomfortable. A serious man is easy to work with, he is professional, honorable and sees the woman as a worthy team partner.

13. A pervert seeks a one night stand. A serious man seeks a love that stands.

14. A pervert has perverts for friends, they talk garbage when they gang up as boys. A serious man has serious friends, they talk constructive matters when they meet as men.

15. A pervert wants to be rich so that he can have more money for prostitutes, to show off to women as bait, money for escapades with women he will be able to lure. A serious man wants to be wealthy so that he may provide for his family, bless society and do more great things.

16. A pervert brags about how great he is in bed, he sees the hotspot between a woman’s legs as goal posts to score in his game. A serious man shows the woman love, he brags through his respectful acts of love, he sees the world between a woman’s legs as special.

17. A pervert wants a prostitute and a strip show for his bachelor’s party the night before his wedding, his friends organize it because they know a naked strange woman will excite him, he has sex with a woman besides his bride as he thinks marriage is a prison. A serious man keeps the night before his wedding sacred, excited that tomorrow he marries the woman he loves.

18. A pervert finds it boring to sex one woman all his life. A serious man wants the sex of only that one special woman.

19. A pervert breaks his own relationship and marriage by chasing after women, he takes his perverse ways into marriage, his perverse and unfaithful ways keep him from being a responsible husband and father, he breaks other people’s homes. A serious man builds and protects his own home, he refuses other women to seduce him out of focus, his faithfulness causes him to give his all in marriage and fatherhood, he is not distracted and doesn’t break other people’s homes.

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