Rihanna wins Topshop ruling

Rihanna 5

Rihanna has won a high court ruling against Topshop.

The Court of Appeal in London has decided to uphold a ban on the high street store featuring an image of the star on their T-shirts following a long legal battle with the ‘We Found Love’ hitmaker over the unauthorized use of her face on their clothing.

The case originally began in 2013 when the 26-year-old singer sued Topshop’s parent company Arcadia for $5 million (Sh458 million), claiming the use of her image suggested she endorsed the items.

The chain later appealed the decision with their lawyer, Geoffrey Hobbs QC, arguing the garment was simply a “decorated T-shirt”.

Despite lawyers admitting there was “no intention to create an appearance of an endorsement or promotion,” all three judges dismissed the appeal.

However, the court explained the decision does not pave the way for similar cases concerning other celebrities because of laws regarding UK image rights.

Copyright lawyer Paul Joseph told the BBC: “The court was very keen to stress that there were specific facts that made Rihanna’s case stronger than usual.

“The image that was used here was actually from the publicity material from her ‘Talk That Talk’ album.

“These particular factors would make the public think this T-shirt had been authorised by her.”

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