New app lets you fake being in a relationship

fake relationship

(Relaxnews) – This Valentine’s Day, singles will be able to pretend they have a boyfriend or girlfriend using a new app that generates fake phone calls to the user’s smartphone and lovey-dovey text messages that are — alas — conceived in cyberspace.

The service, called Invisible Boyfriend or Invisible Girlfriend — depending on what you’re looking for — lets you build an entire fantasy by selecting age, hobbies and a name and describing how you met.

Singles select their make-believe significant other from a base of selfies solicited by the company and available on their website.

Co-Founder Matthew Homann says that he came up with the idea after his divorce in response to pressure from his family to find a new wife.

Anyone can submit a selfie and become someone’s make-believe significant other, although a T-shirt is the only form of compensation you’ll get for sacrificing your face to quasi-satisfy a lonely stranger.

Co-founder Kyle Tabor told Relaxnews that for $25 per month, you get 100 text messages, 10 voicemails and one handwritten note from your fantasy man or woman.

What’s more, your invisible boyfriend or girlfriend won’t get jealous and try to stop you from finding a real squeeze who will message you for free.

Tabor tells Relaxnews that the service launched in the US and Canada on January 19 after a successful beta testing period.

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