Marijuana cookbook to be released this summer


(Relaxnews) – A new cookbook that treats weed as a cooking herb is in the works and will include recipes like marijuana-infused black pepper biscuits and butternut squash soup.

With four US states legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, and medical marijuana legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia, the authors of “Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis” are hoping that the culinary world will see the plant as a legitimate herb, flavor enhancer and, perhaps more interestingly, a mood booster.

Cookbook author Michael Ruhlman is also set to write a collaborative chapter that will teach users and at-home chefs how to maximize the plant’s pleasure properties with the right food and weed ratios, says The New York Times.

Other recipes will be written by Denver chef Melissa Parks, now the vice president of product development for Nutritional High International out of Toronto.

Recipes will go beyond brownies and include dishes like marijuana-infused sausage marinara sauce, biscuits, soup, steak with cannabis-flavored butter, and Mexican hot chocolate.

Launched as a crowd-funding project, publishing company Inkshares raised more than $22,000 USD from 841 supporters.

The cookbook is set to be published this summer in ebook and paperback form and is a follow-up project to The Stoner’s Cookbook, a website that likewise publishes cannabis-based recipes.

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