#NewMusic: Kenya’s newest talent releases debut single “Wewe Ndiwe”


One of Kenya’s most talented female vocalists, Jaya released “Wewe Ndiwe” (You Are The One), on Sunday.  This is the first single off her first solo project. Shot by J. Blessing, the African themed video and song is a tribute to all fathers, and inspired by relationships between fathers and their children.

“The song celebrates fathers present and active in their children’s lives in an era of absent fathers, abusive fathers, destructive fathers, lost fathers and passive fathers,” comments Java.

Jaya is currently recording her debut album under Pinecreek Records. Apart from working with industry greats like R Kay, Ennovator and Jaaz Odongo on the production of the album; she has collaborated with East Africa’s celebrated songstress Lady Jaydee. Their song “Sasa” will be part of her new album compilation, set for release later this year.

Listen to “Wewe Ndiwe” below:



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