#Travel: Top 20 airports and airlines that will have you arrive on time


munich airport

(Relaxnews) – Flying the flagship carrier of Latvia and transiting through Munich Airport is the best way to ensure your on-time arrival, suggest the results of a new report that ranks the best carriers and airports for punctuality.

In the OAG Punctuality League 2014 report, analysts sifted through their database of 900 airlines around the world to come up with a ranking showing the most reliable carriers for getting flyers to their destinations on time.

The same was performed for airports.

The report is based on 43.5 million flight records in total.

Here are the top 20 airlines for on-time performance:

1. airBaltic
2. Hawaiian Airlines
3. Austrian Airlines
4. Iberia
5. Norwegian Air Shuttle
6. KLM
7. Saudi Arabian Airlines
8. SAS
9. Japan Airlines
10. Thai AirAsia

Top airports:
1. Munich
2. Tokyo Haneda
3. Seattle
4. Singapore Changi
5. Minneapolis
6. Amsterdam
7. Frankfurt
8. Sydney
9. Miami
10. Charlotte

Top low-cost carrier: Norwegian Air Shuttle
Top carrier in Asia-Pacific: Japan Airlines
The Americas: Hawaiian Airlines
Europe: airBaltic
Middle East and Africa: Saudi Arabian Airlines



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