Silent, motion-less wine fridge created to protect fine wines

wine frig

(Relaxnews) – A Chinese consumer electronics company has created a non-vibrating, silent wine fridge to help preserve the integrity of fine wines.

Haier’s ‘no-compressor’ wine cabinet debuted at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas as a world first this week, in response to demand from top wine connoisseurs who point out that subtle vibrations and temperature changes common in wine coolers can affect taste.

Reds, they add, are particularly sensitive to subtle movements and temperature changes. And while traditional compressor fridges can produce continual, excessive vibrations and noises, Haier’s new collection of wine cabinets use carbon dioxide and water as a refrigerant to replace traditional compressors.

The result is a quiet appliance with no moving parts.

Also at the show, Haier debuted what they billed as the world’s first magnetic refrigeration wine cabinet, a compact energy-efficient model capable of dropping 50 C (122 F) within minutes.

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