Join in the #Tweet4Elephants conversation with @BobGodec

The U.S. Embassy’s “Tweet4Elephants” event, hosted by U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Bob Godec on Tuesday, January 13th 2015, is set to address a growing crisis affecting Kenya and nations across Africa – the escalation in illegal wildlife trade that is threatening the very existence of elephants, rhinos, and other wildlife – through social media.

Wildlife trafficking is a multi-billion dollar illicit business that is decimating Africa’s iconic animal populations, threatening local populations, killing park rangers, and robbing local communities of their livelihoods and tourism revenues. Many species – most notably elephants and rhinoceroses – now face the risk of significant decline or even extinction.

Event organizers hope to facilitate an interactive, free-flowing conversation about elephant conservation and also reach a wide audience via social media. Guests will enjoy captivating moderator-led discussions that will spur conversation online through the hashtag #Tweet4Elephants.

Have a say in the future of elephants JOIN Kenya’s conservationists including Dr. Paula Kahumba and #Tweet4Elephants with @BobGodec on Tues 13 Jan, 11am ET, 4pm GMT.

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