Beer brewed with whale testicles to hit store shelves in Iceland

beer whale testicles

(Relaxnews) – Here’s a whale of a story: An Icelandic brewery has created a beer made with smoked, salted and cured whale testicles as the perfect gift idea for men.

After the successful launch of a beer made with milled whale bones and whale meat, Brewery Steðji said it’s currently concocting a sequel called Hvalur 2, this time made with whale testicles.

Each batch of beer is infused with the flavors of one whole whale testicle, cured according to an old Icelandic tradition, lightly salted, then smoked, reported Icelandic news site Visir.

The suds are also made with malted barley, hops and Icelandic water.

Bottles of whale testicle beer will hit store shelves across the country January 23, the start of Thorri season, an Icelandic holiday season in which families tuck into traditional foods and delicacies that include rotten shark’s meat, boiled sheep’s head, ram’s testicles and pickled whale blubber.

January 23 also marks Husband’s Day, when WAGS (wives and girlfriends) pamper the men in their lives with gifts.

Amazingly, it’s not the first time beer has been made with gonads.

In 2012, Colorado brewery Wynkoop Brewing Company launched a beer made with roasted bull testicles. Each brew of Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout was made with 3 BPB — balls per barrel.

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