10 unbelievable facts about lipstick

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Long before highlighters and eye brow gels became an integral part of our beauty regimen, a good lip product is all a woman needed. I thought it was about time to do some little research and dig up some juicy details about this transformative product. Discover the 10 facts below!

Lipstick - 6

Who said sunshine couldn’t come in a tube?

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Couture Beauty’s mascara and lipstick special duo cost a Las Vegas woman $14 million (Sh 1.2 billion) after she requested for for 1,200 pink diamonds to placed on the lipstick cover. Any takers?

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Ages before beautiful, glossy tubes came to pass and complicated lipstick textures flooded the market, women would turn to berries and plant juices for natural based.

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As part of the Greek culture and in an effort to protect men, prostitutes had to wear lipstick and those who didn’t abide by this law would be punished for posing as ladies.

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Pucker up ladies and gentlemen!

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You can’t swim your way around that fact.

Lipstick - 9

During the 90s, it is said that during business hours, Clinique used to sell one lipstick per second. Cha-ching!

Lipstick - 10

So, how many lippies did you buy in 2014?

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Kiss of death, anyone?

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