‘Belty’ offers tech solution to weighty problem


Wearable tech can sometimes cut right to the chase: that’s the case with “Belty,” a smart belt unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show which aims to help people lose weight.

With its embedded sensors, the belt will vibrate when it determines you have eaten too much, and also send a signal when you are sedentary for too long.

The belt also loosens when its wearer sits and tightens on standing, simply sensing body movements.

The prototype device from French-based startup Emiota has garnered considerable attention in the tech and general news media and notched one of the CES Innovation awards at this year’s giant Las Vegas tech show.

“If you are sitting at your desk too long, it will vibrate and tell you to get up and take a walk,” says Emiota’s Carine Coulm

The belt connects to a smartphone app which acts as a fitness “coach,” she added.

The belt, expected to be ready for consumers later this year, has been designed initially only for men, in part because the sensors require a thick belt that is more suited to males.

But the startup is working on a female version as well.

“If it is sleeker and thinner it may be interesting for women,” said Emiota’s Johan Gobba.

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