Facial fitness: Bizarre product promises to help you look more youthful


“In my everyday training sessions, there is one area of my body that I hadn’t been exercising: my facial muscles,” says Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrated footballer and popular part-time underwear model.

Ronaldo is right, who actually exercises their facial muscles?

A new Japanese beauty fitness product promises to keep your youthful smile, tone your face so it can withstand the gravitation pull, and enhance your smile by shaping the contour of your face with only 60 seconds every day.

Like dancing, a PAO facial fitness session is a rhythmical exercise that seems pretty awkward and bizarre at first, but it’s a lot of fun to watch, and hopefully just as fun to practice.

How does it work?

The PAO resembles a large flexible spoon with a mouth piece. All you have to do is bob your head up and down to swing both ends of the bar whilst you bite down on the mouth piece. Easy enough.

Watch hunky Ronaldo display his football and PAO skills in the video below:

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