Cat lady ties the knot with her two cats

cat lady

A woman has got married to her cats.

Barbarella Buchner tied the knot with her pets Lugosi and Spider after her seven-year relationship with a ban broke down and she realised they were her true soulmates.

She shared: “I never really wanted to get married to any of my human partners and I didn’t know if I had it in me to be a wife.”

The 48-year-old web designer claims that while she’d be unwilling to run around after a husband, she’s more than happy to meet all of her felines’ needs.

Miss Buchner added to the Daily Star newspaper: “Some women are built to clean up after their men. I’m not like that.

“But I never minded being my cats’ servants. I’m not a submissive person but I’ll do anything for Lugosi and Spider.”

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