6 Beauty resolutions to try out in 2015!


1. There’s no better time for a makeup cleanse than now. I know how it gets when six years later you still have that lipstick you bought on sale sitting on  your counter, barely touched. Throw out all the old junk, gift your girlfriends the good items you don’t use anymore and make room for new, exciting products.


2. Pucker up! Experiment with at least one unexpected and daring lip colour and make a statement.


3. Contouring can be your best friend… learn the art! Or at the very least, get some quick makeup classes from a professional. You can thank us later!

healthy meal

4. Keep that fruit and vegetable count high – let’s not lie to ourselves, there’s never going to be a complete beauty regimen without this.

Wet wipes pic

5. Invest in some quality wet wipes for those nights you’ve had one too many cocktails and the bed is screaming out your name, and you can’t, for the life of you, go through your entire cleansing regimen. There’s nothing cute about the pimples that will eventually pop up, trust us.


6. Consider getting a different signature fragrance. It’s always fun to experiment with new scents but you can’t deny that there’s something very romantic and endearing about a scent that’s distinctly yours for the year. So what will you make 2015: Sultry, sweet or subtle?


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