#Tech: Free apps to ring in the New Year

nye app
Are you ready to ring in 2015?

Well aside from the perfect party outfit and a bottle of bubbly, an accurate timekeeper would also be quite helpful to ensure you won’t miss the stroke of midnight.

Here are two of our favourite mobile apps that will help you ring in the New Year!

nye app 2

1. The New Year Countdown app by TimeAndDate.com is a countdown app, global timekeeper and also keeps track of different time zones as they switch over to 2015. Best part is it also has a live countdown for the final minutes and seconds to New Year, with audio and visual countdown the last 10 seconds


2. New Year Fireworks live wallpaper app will add some visual celebrations at the stroke of midnight since it uses an animation to celebrate the New Year and includes even fireworks effects that automatically play on your home screen. Best part is the app also works for other holidays including Christmas and even Easter. You can also enable “custom photo” option to change the wallpaper.

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