Makeup trend: Copper eyeshadow

copper eyeshadow

By Serisha Singh

Copper eyeshadow is here as one of these season’s hottest makeup trends! Get ready to wear it perfectly with these simple tips and tricks.

Why we love copper eyeshadow

This deliciously molten and metallic shade looks great on all skin tones and enhances all eye-colours – making it perfect for everyone. It’s also subtle enough to be worn for day but can be amped up for the perfect look for a night out.

Rocking copper eyeshadow for day

All you need to wear copper eyeshadow during the day, is to simply sweep a light dusting of it over your eyelids. Then follow up with some mascara and you’re good to go. Keep the look chic by opting for gloss and a dash of peach-tones blush on your cheeks.

Wearing copper eyeshadow for a night out

Amp up copper eyeshadow for night by layering and blending it to achieve an eye-catching hue. Next up line your eyes with some black eyeliner to intensify the look – extend the liner slightly to form a cat-eye and follow with mascara. Opt for some bronzer on your cheeks instead of blush for a sunkissed look and finish off with some coral or fuschia lipstick.

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