Man wakes up from coma, thinks he’s Matthew McConaughey

Rory Curtis

A man has woken up from a coma speaking fluent French and thinking he is Matthew McConaughey.

The 25-year-old man suffered a brain haemorrhage after his car crashed on a busy motorway in Staffordshire, west England, and remained in a coma for six days before waking up with the belief he was the 45-year-old ‘Interstellar’ actor.

The man, Rory Curtis, recalled looking in the mirror and being confused at his reflection, admitting, “at times I was in hospital thinking ‘I can’t wait to get out of here and back to filming movies.'”

European premiere of 'Interstellar' in London

He also revealed how he was perplexed by his ability to suddenly hold a conversation in French, having not studied it for over 10 years.

Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper, he added: “I didn’t even do French at GCSE so haven’t studied it since Year 9 – then all of a sudden I’m fluent in it.”

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