Is your closet turning men off?

skimpy clothes

If you’re a single woman, there’s usually one fashion rule to follow when going out to the bar.  The LESS you wear, the more men like it.  But that’s not necessarily true.  Here are four surprising fashion choices that can turn men off . . .

1.)  CLEAVAGE.  It’s most effective when there’s just a HINT of it, and men have to imagine the rest.  Excessive cleavage is distracting, and it takes the focus off the things he should REALLY be paying attention to . . . like what you have to say.

2.)  GENERAL SLUTTINESS.  The same basic rule applies.  Sometimes, dressing like a slut makes men feel intimidated . . . which means they’re less likely to approach you at the bar.  Here’s a little secret . . . If the guy’s worth dating, he probably likes long dresses too, not just short skirts.

3.)  TOO MUCH MAKEUP.  If you cake on the foundation and eye shadow, it looks like you’re trying to cover up your real face . . . which is a big turn-off for guys.  So keep it relatively simple.

And make sure you’re buying the right shade of make-up.  If it doesn’t match your natural skin tone, guys probably won’t figure out why you look weird . . . they’ll just assume you’re a weird-looking woman.

4.)  DRESSING TOO CLASSY.  You might look like a million bucks, but that can actually turn men OFF these days.  Times are tough, and for a lot of guys, a woman in a t-shirt and jeans is sexier than an expensive purse and a ton of jewelry.

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