9 tips on how to get a hot waitress’s attention

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Guys . . . how many times has this happened?  You’re out at a bar or a restaurant when a super-hot waitress comes up to take your order.  You want to ask her out, but you can’t think of anything to say.  So you blurt out something stupid . . . or you don’t say anything at all.

Well, according to the people over at “Maxim”, here are some things you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do to get the hot waitress to go out with you . . .


1.)  Treat her like a real person:  Your waitress has heard every line in the book, and she’s fully prepared to brush off your cheesy come-on without a second thought.  So how can you get her to let down her defenses?

By NOT hitting on her.  The logic is that if you casually chat up your waitress over the course of a few weeks, she’s more likely to see you as a real person . . . and not just another d-bag who only wants to get into her pants.

2.)  Remember she’s working:  You may be off the clock, but she’s not.  So don’t monopolize her attention and act like she has all the time in the world, because she DOESN’T.

3.)  Bring a few friends along:  It might be easier to “spit game” at the waitress if you’re flying solo, but you run the risk of coming across as a creepy loner.  Bringing along a few friends goes a long way, especially if there are one or two women in the group.

4.)  Talk to her in private:  It’s not cool to put your waitress on the spot and ask her out in front of your friends.  Before you talk to her, try excusing yourself from the group or lingering for a few minutes after everyone else leaves.

But you SHOULDN’T:

1.)  Leave an excessively large tip:  Why?  Because it’ll make her feel like you want something in return . . .

2.)  Leave a bad tip if she turns you down:  That’s just weak.  She did her job, and it’s not her fault you’re a loser.

3.)  Brag about your job:  The only person who cares about how “cool” your job is, and how much money you make, is YOU.

4.)  Order lecherously:  Telling your waitress how much you “loooooove” ranch dressing isn’t going to turn her on.  It’s going to scare her.  And rightfully so.

5.)  Mistake customer service for flirtation:  It’s her JOB to be polite to you.  That’s it.  Don’t assume that just because she “laughs” at your lame jokes, she wants to get naked with you.  Chances are she doesn’t really.

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