Hot Trend Alert: Stacked Rings

Stacked Rings 8

Remember when arm candy was all the craze? Stacking bracelets upon bracelets upon bracelets on your slender wrists meant that you were in it to win it in the fashion industry. While minimalism may have taken over your wrists with dainty bracelets replacing the heavy metal ones that filled your collection, the same can’t be said about rings.

Stacking up your rings and having fun matching (or mismatching, if you will) these precious accessories seems to be all the new craze! Here are some of our favourite looks of this new trend.

Stacked Rings 6 Stacked Rings 5 Stacked Rings 4 Stacked Rings 3 Stacked Rings 2 Stacked Rings 1

#QuickTip: If you’re a little uncertain about how to incorporate this new trend into your style, consider starting out with minimalist pieces and wearing one ring on each finger. This should ease you into the trend!

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