Christmas collection mocks fashion’s stars

Allsort's designs

A Christmas card design has mocked some of the world’s top fashionistas.

Controversial designer Madame Allsorts has created a “Wintour Wonderland” design, which includes caricatures of some of fashion’s top stars including Cara Delevingne, the Kardashians, Kate Moss and Anna Wintour.

The design – which has been printed on gowns, sweatshirts, scarves and Christmas cards – shows Cara kicking Kate to the floor whilst Kim Kardashian is depicted kneeling in front of American Vogue editor, Anna.

Kris Jenner appears to have bagged her daughter, Kendall Jenner, a casting audition slot whilst Allsorts makes her debut appearance in one of her own designs; she is seen holding a copy of Rogue magazine whilst narrowly avoiding the sleigh.

Speaking about the collection, Allsorts said: “Walking in a Wintour Wonderland is a representation of how I feel about the conformity and predictability of the mainstream fashion industry and all of its cliques.

“It features a host of famous faces, whom I feel represent the lack of creativity within the fashion industry, namely the Kardashian/Jenner tribe famous for contributing absolutely nothing (apart from their presence and an ample bottom) to the world.

“I added a row of saluting mannequins and a couple of coat hanger trees with Birkin Bag buckets for good measure.”

The designer has previously featured Anna Wintour in her collections. Her ‘Spring, Summer, Autumn, Wintour’ sweatshirt design hit the headlines when it was unveiled during New York Fashion Week on a “fash-mob” of the editor’s lookalikes.

The new range is available to order in time for Christmas, from

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