Artists.Clothing: New online marketplace for designing, selling T-Shirts


artists clothing

The latest startup to take on creating a marketplace for creatives and consumers is Artists.Clothing.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Artists.Clothing is an online marketplace that allows freelance designers to upload their graphics to the site and consumers to buy and download the unique designs for T-Shirts.

This is a win-win situation. In the garment industry, freelance designers struggle to get their designs into established retail channels, whilst small-scale business owners struggle to hire a full-time in-house design team. The online marketplace will help designers earn money and on the other hand, help the garment industry – whether a small business to an established brand to an individual – to save money, find unique designs and time.

Only launched in November, the online marketplace also offers buyers an option to “buy it out” or own all the rights to a certain design, which would be at a higher price than just purchasing a version. As a result, the design would then go off the market.

Check out Artists.Clothing interesting concept below:

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