Perky, saggy, flapping breasts: Do men really care?



Mounds of soft and velvety flesh.  A pair of nature’s milk jugs that can be dressed in endless costumes.  All shapes and sizes, worshipped by many, especially men – these are breasts.

Perky, saggy or even flapping – do men really notice or perhaps care?

In a French study, researchers have found that bras actually don’t help breasts from sagging over time.

15 years later of meticulously studying breasts, Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon and his team have found that bras do not help women with easing back pain or preventing gravity from taking its course, and may actually be causing more damage.


Does this mean that over the years, women all over world being taught the virtues of a great bra in order to make their assets remain as perky as they were at puberty has been a hoax?

Incredibly, Professor Rouillon found that women who went without the support of a bra fared best against gravity with their breasts remaining firmer and sagged less, by as much as 7 millimeters.

So really, what’s the harm in a whole 7 mm?  Naturally, a woman’s breasts will sag without the constrictive hold of a bra. And when a woman says their breasts are sagging, do they actually mean their bust tends to hang low?

Men are most often than not visual creatures.  The addition of bras has definitely made a woman’s beautiful décolletage and cleavage more obvious.  However, do men find a breast cupped in a bra more erotic, or is it the idea that one needs to work for it – unclasp it from the back – before he can see the mound of flesh in its glory that is more desirable?

Bottom line, if he’s still coming for more, then your breasts – perky, saggy or flapping – seem to be just fine.




  • Geoff Lusterd

    No we dont care. when my wife was pregnant, i was obsessed with them with their swollen state and after giving birth and she’s them more…or probably, i love the woman inside than the outside..yes…i love my wife the way she is.

    • Greenmarshmarrows

      so, u have been suckling them? alternating with the baby? what a bad man!!!

      • Ngoma

        Paka mzee pia hunywa maziwa!

        • njanemuiruri


  • Sharon

    Men love all boobies! I am sure there is a dude pining over Aretha Franklin’s boobies right now 🙂
    We women just wear bra’s for comfort…

    • Ngoma

      Comfort – Really?

    • hahahaha thats too much

    • njanemuiruri

      Not true, sagging breasts flip flopping all-over surely r a turn-off.

  • Sagging boobs are not appealing, I love seeing a cleverge in a lady and when you hug one with sleeping boobs, it doesn’t feel like one with pointed ones!!

  • Hypeman

    You should an article on nipples…my ex had these long finger like really couldnt tell when they got excited whenever we are on it..great piece though..

  • theNjine

    Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon and his team have been studying boobs for over 15 years???!!! lol. Personally, i care. Who wouldn’t want perky breasts to adore everyday?? I don know about y’all but i would. Saggy boobs are not luring.

  • Eish, boobs that are as flat as chapati are NOT, i repeat NOT appealing.

  • Mazzdark

    How the article starts….quite a mind pic there

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