Infertile? Buy a pair of radiation-shielding boxers for men

radiation boxers

Belly Armor, a company that first started making maternity products out of a silver conductive textile has now expanded their product range to radiation-shielding boxer undergarments for men.

You might ask yourself “is the radiation-shielding undergarment business booming?” In fact, it is.

In 2011, the World health organization labeled radio frequency electromagnetic fields – including those emitted by mobile phones – a possible carcinogen and showed a positive correlation between exposure and even brain cancer, aside from other long-term health effects.

For example, iPhone users, did you know you’re suppose to carry your mobile at least 10mm away from your body to ensure exposure levels to radio frequency electromagnetic fields remain at or below the as-tested levels? Read the fine print in your iPhone manual.

Though more research is required to fully back this theory, by causation, radio frequency electromagnetic fields can be seen as a health hazard – the inspiration for Belly Armor’s latest line of men’s undergarments.

Studies conducted in the last decade have suggested that exposure to radio frequency exposure from wireless devices may be associated to reduced sperm count, damaged sperm DNA, reduced sperm motility and even increased erectile dysfunction.

Made out of silver textile, a pair of radiation-shielding underwear will set you back approximately $49 thanks to the high cost of silver. The RadiaShield® Men’s Boxer-Brief is also anti-bacterial, anti-odor, light-weight, breathable, and machine washable. Since silver is one of the most conductive metals and is biologically safe, product developers used the special textile to generate a shielding effect that is comparable to a quarter inch thick of aluminum, which interprets into 99.9% of daily radiation, including those emitted by cellular and wireless technology.

Incredibly, Belly Armor has already sold out on their first production run of their radiation-shielding boxers. You better place your orders soon for Christmas!


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