Nuts about nuts: Flight delayed because of macadamia

flight delay

A flight was forced to return to the gate after a customer was served nuts incorrectly.

The incident occurred at New York’s JFK Airport when 40-year-old Cho Hyun-ah – who is the daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho – was seated in the first class cabin and became enraged when the chief flight attendant on duty served her macadamia nuts in a large bag, rather than portioning them out and presenting them to her on a plate, the Daily Mail newspaper reports.

Ms. Cho demanded the flight attendant bring her the in-flight manual containing directions about proper nut-serving protocol.

However, When he could not locate it, Cho demanded the pilot return the plane to the gate, so that the offending crew member could be removed from the plane, delaying the scheduled take-off time by 20 minutes.

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