New male birth control pill is ’99 percent effective’


Scientists claim that a newly developed male birth control pill is 99% effective.

Derived from an Indonesian shrub, Gendarussa plant, which has helped tribesmen on the island of Papua from impregnating their wives; the plant’s active ingredient disrupts key enzymes in sperm, weakening them and as a result, makes them unable to penetrate the eggs during a woman’s fertilization process.

Professor Bambang Prajogo, the research project’s lead scientist, is happy to report that the team will finally release the pill onto the Indonesian market in 2016, after many years of research and clinical trials.

Though the male birth control pill does have its side effects like some men gained weight whilst being on the pill, scientists believe the effects are far less harmful than the female birth control pills since it doesn’t change one’s hormones.

The hope is to create a pill that can just be swallowed an hour before sex. Interestingly, Papua’s tribesmen boil tea with the Gendarussa plant and only drink the concoction 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

And men, don’t worry, you’ll be fertile again 30 days after you stop taking the pill.

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