Third ‘House of Cards’ season to debut in February

House of Cards

The third season of award-winning political drama “House of Cards” is to debut on February 27, streaming video giant Netflix announced Monday.

“A special message from the White House,” said a short video posted on the show’s Twitter and Facebook pages, giving the date.

The clip shows scheming politico Francis Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, boarding what looks like a presidential aircraft with his ever-loyal wife Claire (Robin Wright).

Earlier this year Netflix ordered a third season after “House of Cards” collected nine Emmy nominations, the first ever for an Internet-delivered series, and won Wright a best-actress Golden Globe.

Season two of the show found Underwood assuming the vice presidency, having ruthlessly undercut rivals and even murdered someone in a protracted act of revenge after earlier being denied the promised post of secretary of state.

The US show is based on a British mini-series of the same name set in post-Margaret Thatcher Westminster, the heart of political intrigue in London.

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