House of Tara: Nigerian beauty brand launches in Kenya

House of Tara International products at the Launch

House of Tara International, a Nigerian beauty and cosmetics brand launched its products on Friday (28.11.14) in the Kenyan market as part of its continental expansion strategy. House of Tara has developed makeup products with international standards that are tailor made for the African woman by an African woman.

The company hosted a comprehensive Master Class session for prospective make-up artists, students, tutors and stakeholders in the Beauty and Cosmetics industry. The Master Class provided tips and insights on the business opportunities available in the makeup industry and also how to attain financial empowerment without moral compromise.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Tara Fela-Durotoye, “the bold move to enter the Kenyan market was due to the huge potential in the region and the need to showcase and increase the company’s market share.”

She further stated, “House of Tara is not only geared towards making money but also exporting it’s impact by helping to empower young women in the industry who want to be financially independent and exploit opportunities available in the beauty industry.”

“Our greatest strength has been building on a future generation of women who are more informed and equipped with skills to determine their own destinies through our training programs” says Mrs. Fela-Durotoye. “Through our studio’s spread across Nigeria, we have also managed to inculcate a culture of self belief with emphasis placed on ethics that have raised the reputation of makeup artists who earn a decent living.”

The Meet and Greet session that took place on Saturday, 29 November gave guests the chance to mingle with the experts from House of Tara International as well as to experience and purchase the products from the brand. All in attendance were treated to a professional makeover.

L-R_ Carol Odero_ Patricia Amira, Tara FelaDurotoye_ Susan Wokabi L-R_ Wahu Kagwi, Owner Afro Siri Salon, Tara FelaDurotoye, CEO and Founder, House of Tara International and Winnie Taylor, Founder, Body Evolution by Winnie Rhema from House of Tara International demonstrating how to apply makeup during the masterclass Susan Wokabi, Founder&CEO of Suzie Beauty and Patricia Amira, Director at Mandala Ltd listen to session Yvonne Nasozi happy with her new look

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